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eBook Version: v1.5
Based on: Ingress v1.52.1
Page Count: 126
Size: 42 Mb
Downloads: 850000+

 01/06/14 v1.5.0: Update to Ingress v1.52.1
 01/06/14 v1.5.0: Added Levels 9-16
 01/06/14 v1.5.0: Added Glyph Hacking
 01/06/14 v1.5.0: Added Regional Cell Scoring
 01/06/14 v1.5.0: Added Capsules
 15/12/13 v1.4.0: Update to Ingress v1.41.0
 13/10/13 v1.2.0: Update to Ingress v1.37.2
 13/10/13 v1.2.0: Added Achievements / Medals
 13/10/13 v1.2.0: Added UltraStrikes
 29/08/13 v1.1.1: Added mod limitations
 28/08/13 v1.1.0: Update to Ingress v1.34
 28/08/13 v1.1.0: Edited most of the feedback
 21/08/13 v1.0.1: Typos & calculations fixed
 20/08/13 v1.0.0: eBook v1.0 is online!
 01/02/13 Started with content and screenshots for v1.0